Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Musings

I don't have much to say today that makes much sense. 
Work was long.  Work was work.  I worked overtime this today.  Suprisingly, I was nice.  I actualy LOOKED at people - smiled and shook my head. 

I wasn't ready for a "Good Morning, Good Aftternoon, Hello" ...if I actually looked at them and said something it might have been 'sit down and shut up'. 

If I had a complaint yesterday. That is why I didn't look at anyone. I'm tempted to open my mouth and say shit that will just get me in trouble.  BTW: Yesterday was my first day back. Not a good track record to have a complaint on your first day coming to work in 3 weeks.  Oh' well.  I was tempted to tell the superv. that spoke to me about the complaint the chickie who complained could screw off.  I didn't. I didn't look at him, either.

 I had a friend tell me yesterday that she thought I used the F* word more in the 30 min. convo we had than I've had in the last 3 weeks when I've talked to her.  My response was "well C* that is what our job will does to us...is it not".  

I continue to not sleep well.  The ONLY difference between the sleep issues that I had say...last week and have this week...last week I didn't have to get up for work at 4:45am.  This week I do.  That sucks. 
I'm rather bitchy. 

....and that is all for tonight.

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