Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankfulness Project Monday

I started following Musings of a Counselor several months ago.  I love the fact that each Monday she posts her Thankfulness Project Monday posts.  I often do not post them on Monday's.   However, I do think about it each week.  This post is being wrote on Sunday night and will be scheduled to post on Monday because I've got a very long day tmw and wanted to try and get this posted.

So here goes my "Thankfulness Project Monday" Post

I have a wonderful husband.  He endures so much from me. I know I do from him also.  However, he is my rock.  I very well may be griping about him next week.  I was reminded this morning during our Sacrament Meeting at church that our Temple Sealing-Marriage Anniversary is this week.  We were married by our Bishop in January 1994.  Just under 2 years later on a cold day in November, the day before Thanksgiving my Grandparents, In-laws and a few other local member friends joined us in the LDS Chicago Temple.  Where my husband and I were sealed for Eternity.  I'm thankful for my husband and the example he continues to lead to myself and children.

Two beautiful children.  Often, it is easy to loose sight at how well behaved, polite, and all around good young beings they are.  I'm blessed to be their mom.  I often do not feel worthy to be their mother.  They give me strength when I don't believe I have any left.  They lead by example in so many areas of our lives.  The last 3 weeks that I have been off work due to significant dip in my depression and will to keep fighting...these 2 children are what helped every single day to bring me one step closer to "normalcy...whatever that might be".  

So many other things I am thankful for in my life.  These are the 2 areas that I often take for granted.  I love them so deeply and can not imagine my life with out them.