Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 for 3

I worked 3 days this week.
I had 3 complaints this week.
One for every single day that I worked.

I totally expected AND deserved the 1st complaint I received.  It is what it is.  I would do it again...IN A HEART BEAT!! 

Then the complaint I received today for yesterday and the complaint I received today about today...was from the same b*tch.  I made it pretty clear that the b*tch could eat dirt.  I got the complaint right as I was leaving work for the day/week.  It is a good dang thing I don't have to be back till TUESDAY!!

Did you read that right?  TUESDAY!  I have 5 days off.  FIVE DAYS OFF.  Unless of course, they call me for overtime on Monday.  Which, I'm certain they will.

So there you have it....
I'm off for the holiday...and for that...I AM VERY THANKFUL!!!

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