Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday morning my while waiting for the cardiology team to come and get my husband we were watching tv.  We never watch TV during the day. I have no clue what is even on. I'm set in the very few shows that I do like.

The V.iew was on at the moment.  They were discussing the P.enn S.tate tragedy (it truly is a tragedy) and the latest on this case.  I've watched and/or listened to very little of what is going on. 
I dont' watch local news unless I know there will be something on that I want to see.  I don't want or need to hear the negative crap that comes along with the news.  Occasionally, they will be running a segment and I will be sure to watch it.  For the most part; it isn't ever watched in our home.

The V.iew gave light, opinions, and showed the latested interview.  I was shocked beyond belief how incredible angry it made me.  I'm certain the patients on both sides of my hubands hospital room heard me yell at the tv during one the interview w/this monster.  My husband turned the channel. I made him turn it back.  He was more shocked than I imagined.  Telling me "*** you need to not watch this. Obviously, it is trigger you in a way that is not healthy.  Watch something else."

My dh turned to me and said "We are not watching this and I'm turning this TV off." 

And that was the end of that.

I'm shocked that my dh stood up to me in that manner.
I'm shocked that I got as upset as I did. I will often get upset with stuff like this; it hits a very deep and painful spot.  However, 99% of the is hidden. was not.


~Jan said...

Mine is hidden, too. Thanks for this post.

GB's Mom said...

Good for DH!