Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Life....things....it has collectively went down hill over the last several months. 

Another therapist change. This time by no other choice than lovely insurance change.  That I had no control over. Beaurocratic bullshit got in the way.  After being on a waiting list for several months I was scheduled with a new therapist
. Someone I knew nothing about. The verdict is not out yet on what I think about her...It's still fairly new and fresh.

I'm fed up with people and life in general. I can't return to my job.  Living with physical pain daily.  Unable to scratch my damn back if I needed to because I can't move my arm.  Loosing my home.  Will loose my job...because someone didn't do their job.  Lost my therapist whom I loved.  I'm crazy as shit and I'm fed up.  Simple fed up.  If I could figure out a way for it all to go away.....I would in a heartbeat.

The only semi bright spot in my life was a week long visit to Utah the beginning of the month to see my dear friend D and her family.  It was a wonderful reset that my entire body needed!!