Wednesday, November 30, 2011

13 Years and Counting

There is a post that will go up on my 'not so private blog' about the anniversary that today and tmw marks.  (it might take me some time).  If you would like the link to that 'blog' and don't know it please leave a comment.  I will only share it w/you if you have left comments before on this blog or I know of you from 'somewhere else in cyberspace or in real life'.

How it was the start of a glorious and wonderful time in my life.  One that I thank my Father in Heaven for daily for trusting and allowing me to be a part of.

In the days/weeks to come I will try to blog about The Before.  How I got from The Before to Now.  I have wrote many posts, scheduled them to post while giving myself time to ponder if I wanted to post it.

There were several contributing factors to what led up to the now. And the anniversary that is marked today isn't the sole contributing factors.  Trauma as a child and young adult both contributed to those factors.  As well as a family history that goes back as far as my Aunts/Mom can track of depression in female memebers.  And the severity seems to skip a generation (this is a 'newer thought amoung one of my aunts and that isn't proven to be correct...however; I'm certain we are on to something)...I just happen to be that generation.  It is important for me to not loose sight of those facts.

And as I am able, ready, and willing.....I will try and write it

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DMM said...

Can I have the link to your other blog? I would really like to read that if you're willing to share.