Saturday, November 5, 2011


Never had a desire to blog everyday.  This evening after reading a fellow Soul Sisters Blog and seeing her badge...I thought "hmm....maybe I should give this a try?  I've already blogged everyday this month so far".  And on a more positive note thought to myself..."Maybe...just the end of November...I can go back and look and see there was/is/will be a positive shift."

So that is my goal.  Somehow, I need to make that shift.  Need to turn a corner.  For today, I will give this a try.

My son will be baptised in a few short hours.  Which means, this momma needs to go to bed.  Insomnia stinks.  Actually, it downright sucks.  Sucks even more so when you're deep in a dark hole.
My kids have a team practice for tumbling out of town. One of the other parents that will be chaperoning has asked that I go along. I don't want to. I should. I'm not going to offer. I really don't want to go!! 

After my post earlier in the day on Friday, I ended up sleeping very soundly.  Woke to my daughter standing in my doorway.  Shortly after I got out of bed.  Her and I went to town.  She wanted to go to the mall.  I ended up buying her a hoodie, sweater, and long sleeve shirt to go with the sweater.  I then bought myself a complete outfit.  A co-worker/friend met us at the mall and then followed me back home.  I made dinner and we sat on the couch for an hour or two and just did nothing.

So...I can easily say my day didn't suck up to much of the "need to retreat in my room".

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