Saturday, November 19, 2011

Goal for Today

The above quote is my focus for the day.  We are expecting a large amount of company later this afternoon.  I will need to focus on the present moment all day because this will be a bit stressful for me.

My son grew fond of one of the Missionaries over the last few months.  This young man has served his Heavenly Father and the members of our region for the last 2 years.  This week his family will welcome him back home as his Mission will be complete.

The day after my son was baptized the Elder's (Missionary's) stopped by our house for a few moments to play with my son.  We tried to set up a date for dinner before Elder B left to go back home.  And somehow I felt the need to offer having a "Farewell" gathering at our house for the ward.

Last night I made a cake.  This morning I will make Velveta No-Bean Chili Dip and Corn Dog Muffins. 


Remember to stay in the Present!!

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GB's Mom said...

Great goal! I will use it too. For today, I will stay in the moment.