Tuesday, November 15, 2011

24 hours of whirlwind

I know that the handful of my readers are familiar with what has happened in the last 24 hrs and been kept up-to-date via FB and personal contact. 

My mind is still racing.  My husband is home from the hospital tonight.  There was a point this evening after he got up to walk for the first time it didnt' go so well.  If I remember correctly there was a few text to my dear friend S* that said "oh' f*ck".  They got a wheelchair, another nurse and the sugeon was paged to the floor.  He was there with in seconds. I'm guessing he was on his way to begin with because it was so quick.  The area near the insertion point wasn't the actual issue but a bit lower (I believe...it is all 'the same to me' when looking at my husbands groin among others).

No answers for DH's chest pain.  The doctor told us why his stress test was abnormal.  And said sometimes this happens. I can't really explain what happened.  But it seemed normal.  He is sending him back to his PCP for follow up.  And that is all I know for today.  It was a very long 24 hours.  And even longer 12 hours of being at the hospital.


All things considered I'm doing okay.  This morning was tough.  More than tough.  However, right now I'm doing okay.  I see my psychiatrist on Thursday morning and my PCP later in the same day.  Somehow.....I will get to the bottom of this....come hell or high water.

I had lots of thinking time over the weekend and over the last few days...today being one of them.  While I was sitting at the hospital today I had a friend come and sit w/me and then she went home and got my kids and took them for dinner.  We discussed my current work issue and why I'm off.  It was interesting to me to hear her take opinions.  I share very similiar opinions and thoughts. 

I'm optimistic and hopeful that I can have a productive appt with my psychiatrist appt. on Thursday.  As I told my friend today "we just may need to have a coming to Jesus moment...." She laughed hysterically. I did not.  She then said "Um, as a patient of Dr. SB...I'm pretty sure that won't happen. Then again, she often suprises me so maybe that would work." 

So time will tell!

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