Monday, November 14, 2011

True Friendship

I've pondered those 2 words in the title several times over the last few months.  Adding to it the question "Are you a TRUE friend?"

Often we find ourselves (or maybe not so often in some cases) among friends who will say; "Sweetheart, feel free to call me at any time.  I'm always here for you." 

I've only had one friend that I could call a true friend....until recently.  A few years ago, something happened and it all changed.  Over the course of the last few years, I've remained a true friend to her.  Offering advice, love, care, listening ear, and so forth in times of need.  I've dropped everything to be at her hospital bed.  For weeks that turned into months on end.  For a long time she cried, supported, nurtured me in times of need.  And I did the same for her.  I would still do the same for her.

Over the last several months (few years) I've discovered much to my dismay that this friendship has turned from a mutual true best friend friendship to something different.  Boundries were broken. 

As I have slowly come to the conclusion and acceptance that this particular friendship has changed; it has been quite painful to me. 

In the process, I've gained a few other extremely close friends.  Friends who, may not take the place of friendship, but have stepped in and taken up residence in my heart in a much deeper fashion. 

I've learned over the last several months that True Friendship is about so much more than what I ever envisioned before. 
This is not to say the above friendship is down the tubes and I've walked away from the pain, drama, and frustration that comes along with it. 

It is to say:  I believe that a true friend seeks to understand, cares for and about me and will guard and protect my confidences as if they are their own.  And in return:  I beleive that a true friend seeks to understand, cares for and about their friend and will guard that person and protect their confidences as if they were my very own.

I know I am not a perfect friend.  I am opinionated, get angry at times and often find myself being short.  I am often impatient.  I have no doubt in my mind that I have hurt my friends feelings out of ignorance and anger. But I strive to be there for those close to me and keep to myself the confidences that have been shared. I also try to apologize when I inflict pain. I imagine at some times I am more successful than at others.

I'm blessed to have True Friends who have recently taken me under their wing.  Eat horrible nasty comfort food and watch trashy movies.  Who offer to pick my kids up for school, meet me at the hospital and bring me lunch on days when I dont' think I can keep on keeping on.  For that; I'm forever blessed!

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