Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beauty in Tough Times

Late April I found out I would need to have another surgery on my shoulders. Even though I knew it was bound to come to this (and knew it was needed) it was quite a blow. I had 2.5 weeks to physically, mentally, and everything else to prepare. 

One of the things my husband agreed would be needed and best was to spend an extended weekend with my best friend in Utah. 

On a Tuesday afternoon airline tickets were bought. 

Friday afternoon...
I landed in Salt Lake City for a weekend with a pretty special lady and her family. 

D* picked me up and we headed to a local Flower Garden a Tulip Festival. It was one of the last days the 'Tulip Therapy' would be available for viewing. 
The Lords beauty and handiwork were surrounding D* and I. Our friendship and love for each other made it even more special. 

Acres upon acres of beautiful landscape. Breathtaking views all around. 

The next morning I no longer was the 'friend inside moms phone' and met her family. I not only got to spend the weekend with her family but had the opportunity to attend family members college graduation, meet siblings and visit with her parents. 

Her family took me on a few dirt therapy excursions into the canyon/mountains. 

Beauty surrounded us on all sides. It truly is wonderful therapy. On Monday evening after a hard afternoon for myself and in general we went out for another therapy session. 

Tuesday morning came way to fast. One of the hardest good-byes I've ever had. Knowing what laid ahead with my surgery the next Monday. 

So thankful we were able to spend time together. Blessed by her family. Each one of her children and spouce offered something different and filled me up in a way that was needed. I've spent many moments browsing the picture I took from my phone that weekend while laying in bed. My surgery has been rough. I knew would be. Just wasn't prepared for the emotional aspect. 

Love this quote. And this pic was one of my favorites taken that special weekend. There were many photos that I loved.