Saturday, November 5, 2011

Theraputic...heck ya!

I'm going to post a picture of one of my dogs.  Because well...I am. This blog is semi-private and I hope to keep it that way.  Since, for the most part it is not very well known that I struggle with anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation as much as I do.  Like....MY MOTHER doesn't even know.  So, Mom...if you are seeing this pic of Mr. M...well know you know.  And please don't mention it to me next time you talk to me.  :-) 

Now that I have the previous out of the way...on to what this post is about.

My dogs.  We have 2 beautiful and loving pugs.  I love pugs.  As in love them!!  When we got Mr. M, pictured above, I was not a pug lover so to speak.  I loved their cute faces.  And all that other jazz.  However, I wasn't gagga over them.  I am now, gagga over pugs.

Mr M is a beautiful 4.5 yr old pure bred fawn pug.  We have a 3.5 month old black w/silver pug.
Mr. M hasn't always been such a good boy.  You know, those puppy years can be rough.  He has always been beautiful, gentle and loving.  (Except of course when Mr. B gets on his case a lil to much and well then not so much).  He loves his humans. He loves attention.  He loves food, walks, treats, toys, and just life in general.

Mr. M is as close to a theraputic dog you will ever find.  I'm quite certain I could put a ADA vest on him and claim him as a service or therapy dog.  We first realized how valuable he was when our foster daughter was visisting us on a respite weekend.  It was a few months prior to her moving in w/us for a year.  Mr. M alerted us in the middle of the night on more than one occasion that our foster daughter was having a seizure.  When my children had H1N1 a few years ago, he sat by their in and day out.  He never left them.  I have a sweet picture of him sitting on the couch (which is a no-no in our house) next to my then 10 yr old daughter.  We had been told she had 24 hours to have a turn around or she would be hospitalized.  He never left her. 

Earlier in the week my therapist asked me if my dogs were theraputic at all for me?  I never really thought of it that way.  I would have to say YES!  Mr. B is so playful and funny and loving and bites me and pees and poops everywhere and is just plain a PUPPY.  And then the big boy that Mr. M is....just sitting so stellar.  Brings me toys. Sits so patiently and constantly ready to rub up against mommy's leg....letting me know he is right there.  I laugh over and over as I watch Mr. M get mad at Mr. B. and start chasing him.  It is just so out of his character.  And he can be downright mean.  Yet, all I have to do is yell "M* be gentle" and he stops.  And most often will just walk away.  This evening he had Mr B pinned on the ground.  Puppy was being nasty.  Mr. M....stood there overtop Mr. B....looking at me.  As I smiled and said "M* you be nice.  He head butted Mr. B one last time and then walked over to me and has sat here.  Their antics are funny.  They keep me laughing when all I want to do is cry.  M* will (when daddy is not home and mommy is by herself) jump up (with help) on our large bed and lay next to me.  Mr. B-puppy well he sleeps every night with us w/o fail.  He lays down after giving kisses and doesn't move until morning when the kids are getting up for school. 

Tonight, as I sit here alone...I'm finding solace and comfort in these two sweethearts.  One semi gentle giant (fat) pug and one lil guy....who keep me smiling when I least want to keep on smiling!

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