Saturday, June 9, 2012

Search Terms

I've never looked at the search terms that bring readers to my blog.  Over the last few weeks I've had a signficant increase in traffic.  Nothing compared to what most blogs get.  And certainly way more than what I'm comfortable with.  However, I leave my blog open to the general public to read.  I expect it and it is what it is.

I've seen other blogs that I read post some of the search terms that have been put into google/bing/yahoo ect ect and how it brought them to their blog.

So tonight, I took a look.  Because, curiosity got the cat.  I've sat here laughing so hard I can't hardly contain it.  I've annoyed my husband and I certainly have a child who doesn't get what is funny.

I haven't figure out what post the search term took the reader to. But, none the less it is still funny and disturbing (acutally) all the same.

 hairy moms n sons sex -- Google ranked this blog #642 in the search query for this.  WTF is all I can say to that.  Seriously...WTF!

man gets tree lodged through pelvis - Another google search. Not rated.  And another WTF!!

what is a comment back when someone says shit or get off the pot - Ranked #6 in google query searches.  I've said this lil' diddy more than one time this week. 

 i will get up again blogspot -- is a common theme and many different variations. I know who this is and have labeled the ISP to clue me in to who it is.  *wink*

Another common theme is on Tapping and Brad Yates. I find that interesting. I've only blogged once or twice about tapping. I know several others who have blogged much more indepth than myself.  Hopefully, those looking for info on Brad/Tapping will find the other awesome blogs. I don't come close to doing justice if you are looking for tapping info here.

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