Saturday, June 16, 2012


Spending time with my SIL (my BIL's wife) always causes great anxiety.  Now that we live near them it makes it harder to avoid them.  We live less than a mile away.

This weekend my husbands sister and her family will be traveling here from another state.

I'm not able to 'opt out' of the gathering tmw.  It is for a good friend of mine's sons bd party.  Not going isn't really an option.  Unless, I'm dying.  I would rather be dying than spend time w/my SIL.

Next Friday night my husband got 10 free tickets to a local comedy club.  He invited my BIL/SIL to come.  He told me today "I would rather *brother* not come if it means *sil* won't come.  It is your birthday and the last thing you should have to do is put up w/her dumb ass.  * dh swore. Mark it on the calendar.*

All this to anxiety level has already been on high alert.  I've already been struggling w/keeping myself in a safe space.  And the added stress has me in a whirlwind of panic. 

Thus...why I'm composing...again...a blog post at 2am.  I can't sleep.  One of these days I will stop being the better person and tell *SIL* where to stick her stupid self. 

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