Monday, June 18, 2012

Mindful Breathing

The "Do As One" Facebook page recently had a status that read something on the lines of "pay attention to your next three breathes".

As I continue to untie the knots,  remembering not to yank or pull to hard, it is equally important to pay attention to my breathing.

I've participated in a Mindfullness group centered around depression and anxiety.  I also, have participated in a DBT group.  Both of these group, ongoing therapy, and many other life factors these things are nothing new to me.

H* told me  something I already knew.  Yet, when it came from her this it stuck with me. She was talking directly to me.
About me.
Not in general group terms.
In terms that relate me.
I'm trying hard not to yank.
Trying hard to be gentle with myself.
Trying hard to keep the healthy boundries with myself.  And not revert to self harm behavior / tendacies. It is tough.  Today...really tough.

So paying attention to my next 3 breathes...important. I'm HERE and not in the past or future.

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