Friday, June 22, 2012


My flow is lacking lately.   Just when I thought there was a break around the corner ....the flow turned a different corner on the river bend.  Throwing at me more rocks and bumps in the river bend.

Several weeks ago, I metioned in a few posts the horrid surgical consult that I had.  I has taken me since the beginning of May to get a copy of this report.  I was extremely taken back by what the surgeon dictated.

I'm angry.  This fucking moron never touched me.  NEVER.

It is taking some serious restraint not to send this doctor a message via the online mychart and call him out....for what he is. Fucking moron.

As I said my flow is pretty messed up.  My massage therapist commented on something on FB and said something very powerful.  "___ , remember FLOW rather than stagnany.

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