Sunday, June 17, 2012


“If you want to untie a knot,
you must look at the cord carefully
and gently undo the tangle.
Yanking the cord will only
make the knot tighter.”
-Thomas Hanna

I took the above quote off of my massage therapist website.  She has a page about "Untying Knots".  I've read this particular page many times over the last several months.  I speaks volumes to the path that I seem to be on right now.

Not to many days ago as I sat in Jodi's office I couldn't help thinking that I am just done with this path that I'm on.  Whatever it takes to end it. I wanted it done.  I want this knot untied. I want to be rid of the weight it seems to have placed on me.  I want to either tie it all back up and stuff it all back away.  And if I can't do that then yank this crap so it's done and over with.

Clearly those thoughts and way of thinking are not what would be helpful in untying the knots.  These knots are old and fragile.  They've been there for 30+ years.  And yanking on them will only cause more damage.  The logical part of me knows and understands this.  The impatient part of me says...the hell with it..lets just get it done and over with.  It is kind of the same mindset that I have with my shoulder.  Come on already.  Patience and slow are not my best personality trait.

And so, slowly these knots are being untied.
I will attempt to not yank on them.
I will attempt to trust this process of slow and steady.  


Sheri said...

This is an awesome analogy. I have to remember not to YANK too.

A Bit of Personality said...

That IS good. I've tried over and over to yank the knot, but it does become tighter, which then makes me want to give up and feel lost and hopeless. but only if you realize do it with care, you can untie it successfully. Thanks for sharing.

(also, i don't know if it's just my screen, or eyes, but i had to highlight the font in order to read it because it blends in and is hard to read)