Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mental Illness

Divides families.
Ends marriages.
Divides friendships.
Alters faith.....and soooo much more!

Today I'm reminded at every turn how incredible awful and painful this illness is.

The loss of a child.
The loss of a friendship.
The loss of sooo much more than words can say.

Today as I have tried so hard to put the toughness of this week behind me....I'm reminded all over again how the depths of depression and every form of mental illness cuts deep.

The tears sting my cheaks for totally different reasons, than previous days.  Today it is all about the depth of loss
  And how incredible deep it is.


GB's Mom said...

i am sorry you have lost so much.

"Lil Ol' Me" said...

It steals so much more than any words could ever I'm sure you know all to well.

The loss of deep. My SIL "was" a friend. And w/o that friendship she would not have met her husband. ANd because of my child's mental with many families who live with R.A.D.....more than just a friendship was lost. Damn it all!

Tonight, I sit at my kitchen table w/my dh's siblings. His brother on my right. His sister (from another state) on my left. My BIL talking about his wife and what went really happened this morning.

It went deep. Because of his wife's untreated, un-accepted (by her), un-everything depression/mental health issues....his marriage is failing. And he knows it.

((((another post coming on this subject))) bc this comment is getting to long.