Monday, June 25, 2012

Picking Up the Pieces

I'm nothing but brutally honest.  The train wreck that seems to be my emotional and physical self has been long time coming.

Believe it or not there have been and was some good moments/days and weeks over the last few months.

I don't know what brings you back to continue reading. I'm aware of my own train wreck and the spiral that has been happening.

If you are mutual FB friends or follow the 'I Will Get Up Again' FB you may be aware of the events that transpired yesterday.

I spoke at length this morning with H* (massage therapist)  abt the events that transpired yesterday.   She was aware to some extent based on FB status and the overall energy that I brought with me. 

Even though I went to my massage appt attempting Kay best to check the stuff at the was very present.   And my intentions of having 90 minutes of relaxation and attempt to quiet my mind.....turned into the complete opposite.   I'm still trying to process what H* and I discussed and what work was done on the table in forms of energy/body work.

My head has not stopped hurting since I was on the table this morning.  Tylonal hasn't begun to touch it.

I have a therapy appt in the morning.  I'm a tad overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin, what to touch upon, or anything close to it.  The more I attempt to find a middle ground the more out of control emotionally I am.

Picking up the pieces gets uglier and uglier.  And is of worth it.

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My Daily Jenn-ism said...

I read you often & continually pray for your strength. I can't even imagine what you deal with - but I read looking for your good days & hoping you get good days & if not a whole day, even a few hours or minutes or whatever. You are worth it :) Even the total crap in your life can do good in someone else's when you don't even know it.