Sunday, January 1, 2012


My heart is heavy today.
With joy and sadness all in one.

It is my 18th anniversary.
I might be one second away from stuffing my dh in the toilet half the time.  But...I love him fiercely!   And can not imagine life with out him. 

My happiness on this aspect.  We are doing something we never do.  EVER.  I tear up just thinking about it.  We are going to The Windy City to see Blue Man Group.  Staying in a 4 star hotel.  Just us!!

The sadness:  my uncle who committed suicide a few months ago...his family is enduring more pain.  One that has had me in tears all morning.  My 16 yr old cousin disappeared 2 days ago. No trace of her anywhere!  No signs.  Nothing.

Over lunch I told my kids:  there is nothing you can ever do that is so horrible you can't come talk go us.  Nothing so bad you need to run away.  My 12 yr old said " but what if she was hurt or kidnapped?"  And her innocent heart reminded me indeed....that could be the worst case scenario.

Keep them n your prayers.

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