Monday, January 16, 2012

Strikes Again...

Continue to have spells that knock me down wishing that I could sleep the next year away.  Spells of pain...not depression.  Yet in those moments I certainly think it would be best for all aspects....of course that is the pain and irrational thinking.  I had two REALLY GOOD pain free days.  And the last 24 hours not so good.  Late last night I wondered if a trip to the ER was going to be in store.  I'm cheap and refuse to pay the ER copay.  So I weathered the pain.

By this morning it has lessened a tad.

This has truly knocked me on my ass.  By all accounts it appears this has been the same stuff I have been dealing with since December 13 or so.  It is getting really old..mreally fast.

Today my mood has taken a significant dip.  Trying to 'notice' without judgement isn't going so well.  

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