Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I "GET" it

Often one of the toughest things about struggling with depression and other mental health illness is the fact that others don't get it.

Often we go to the dr for one reaosn or another and are dismissed.  Sure, I've heard the reports that people who struggle with mental health related illnesses have a higher rate of being seen and mystery illness.

*My recent illness...that I should have been hospitalized for....was brushed off.  I have no doubt in my mind that bc of my journey with depression that I was dismissed. My phone call to the clinic on Fri, my ER visit, and the call on Saturday...ALL left me thinking that "I" was crazy.   I knew that I was violently ill last week. I knew that I needed to be hospitalized. I in NO way fought it.  My husband spoke to my PCP while I was in the the bathroom, asking her to admit me...only for her to somewhat dismiss him.  I love my PCP-PA.  I also know...she works w/in a system that has labeled myself and many others....with mental health problems. She is stuck performing....w/in that system.  I don't know the exact 'label'.  I do konw that on MANY incidences w/medical related stuff I've been dismissed and told to "see your therapist".  

This post by Etta over at Depression Marathon; she discusses why she does what she does.  And it made my heart sink.  Once again, I'm not alone.  I get it. I hear her. I get her. I get why.  I don't cut.  I've never cut.  However, I've struggled with other self harm issues.  For a nano-second and sometimes longer the physical pain over takes the internal pain and swirling that rages on.  I don't really care to go into what/why more indepth.  Only to say....I get where she is at in this post.

And then this evening after I read Etta's post I came across another blog post by someone else....Seeing Isn't Believing.   I love her picture she posted...for some reason I'm not able to upload it.  So you will have to click over and see it. I will attempt to add it later to another post.

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