Friday, January 6, 2012

TMI Warning....

You have been forwarned...this is a shitty post.

I'm sick.
Very sick.
Not mentally....physically.
I was seen in my PCPs office and received one bag of fluid.  My IV died and they sent me to the ER.
Three or so bags of saline, millions of viles of blood and a CT scan, I was sent home.

I have a virus.

The kind that makes you shit every 10-30 minutes for hours on end.

The kind that makes you shit undigested toast 10 minutes after you eat it.

The kind that makes your entire house smell like shit...your hair, your breathe, your sweat ...

The kind that requires you to stop running to the bathroom while you are in the ER until 10 minutes AFTER your IV s removed.

At this very moment...6:00pm on Friday night I am not dehydrated yet.  It is a matter of time.  Maybe I'm finally turnings the corner.  Maybe not.

I'm weak.  I have not worked in 3 days.  I'm scheduled to work tomorrow. And then have the next 2 days off.  Idk how I'm going to be able to work.  Last week I slept every moment I was not working.  I can't help but think it was my body fighting off something.  Or do I have something else? 

Whatever it needs to fucking leave my body and house!

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