Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mystery Illness Solved

Ive posted on FB wht the verdict of my mystery illness was.

I got a call on Monday from my PCPs office.

Areomonas hydrophelia ( not 100% on spelling)

Google it.

Rare form of water borne bacteria commonly found in fresh water.  Attacks the fish and ultimately can end up as a rare case of food poisoning.  So rare that my PCP, PA AND several other drs w/in their clinic had NEVER treated anyone with it.

I don't eat fish!!  Ever!!  My PCP believes I have most likely had it since I got sick on December 13.  It laid somewhat dormamt causing problems off and on over the weeks following.  The biggest problem being pain.  It then seemed to attack my kidneys.   I received a 'check up call' from my both the PA and PCP Tuesday-Thursday.  Friday I got a call from one of the Nurses tellng me to stop taking tylonal for pain.

Which sucks!!  I no longer have diarrhea. The pain in my kidneys remains.  Not as often or severe.   Generally sporadic and brings me to my knees.

I was able to work all week w/o missing.  I have slept a ton!  I have had wonderful support from my husband and family.

It is early and I'm off to bed.  My pain level is up there tonight.  We discussed gong away over night with tie kids tmw night.  My wants to stay close to home.  Because, I am still not feeling the greatest.

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