Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rhyme or Reason

There is no set reasoning...

Some days are good.
Some days are bad.
Some days are really good.
Some days are really bad.
Some days are really....really...really bad!

The is no rhyme to it.

It is what is on most days.
And today...
It is a really really bad day!

I don't feel good. 
I was called by my PCP to check in.  She gave me the 5th degree about taking a medication I know I'm not supposed  take.  And at this moment...and the moment she told me....I don't give a fly f*ck.  I don't care what the side effects are and how they are potentially life altering/threatening!

As I is a really bad day.  I have not had the energy nor give a shit to update facebook, return my mothers call re: my son and how he is doing, or anything else that I need to do.  Tonight, as I lay my head on my hope and prayer will be for a better day tmw or just don't even wake up.

1 comment:

GB's Mom said...

I'll go with the better day tomorrow. {{{Hugs}}}