Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm trying to be nice....

...however, it isn't working very well.  I just told my dh he needs to go to WalFart or Targe' in the am before all the other grinchy people go buy the rest of the mistletoe's. 

You see....
I need a Mistletoe for Christmas Day.
So that when I get crabby and stressed and panic driven (it isn't even Sunday and I'm aleady about to stress the hell out) I can stick the mistletoe in my back pocket and tell my SIL to kiss my ever loving fat @ss!

I warned you...I was trying to be nice.  I lost my nice-ness about an hour ago on my way home from work.  I sat in my car crying to be very honest.

I have been very glad that Sunday is my scheduled day off and that I did not have to work.  However, I'm kind of wishing that I did.  Not only would it be a big money making day for me.  It would get me away from the stress of having to many people at my home when I am really not in a place to have them all here. 

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