Thursday, December 22, 2011

Insomnia SUX

SUX folks.
If I didn't have to work at 5am....
I would take something...anything....I'm freeking desparate.
I will not be able to take a nap in between my work shifts in the morning.
I have a therapy appt and a chiro appt.  Lord only knows I need the chiro appt. My fat ass when flying on a bunch of rocks yesterday...thus one of the reasons why I'm awake bc I hurt. Everywhere.
The other....stressing. Over chit I can't control. Like my mom making stupid comments about my brother being depressed.  Telling me my "Saving for Therapy" banks are politically incorrect.  Fuck that. I didn't tell her to take them to work.  Quite honestly, I've think one of those lil' banks woudl look very cute in a therapist office. I think I should give my mom one for Christmas and tell her she should put it in her office.  Her patients might think it was cute.  Or not. I don't really give a crap.

Holy hell I'm tired. 

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