Monday, July 2, 2012

Work, Massages, Therapy, and Changes

**It is hot. I know it is hot in most places around the US right now.  I don't like working outdoors.  I am grateful for the chance I get to work at my regular job 2 hours a day.  I am trying to find gratitude in the fact I am able to have light duty work and the paycheck that accompanies it.  It does not change the fact it has been in the high 90's for several days on end.  Reaching 100 degrees on more than one occasion.  And today being one of those days.

I'm fortunate that I have a husband who is supportive and understanding (usually)  that I get frequent massages.  He sees and knows the benefit it provides.  The last few times I've seen H* ..have been solely energy work.  Focussed on breathing and not 'checking out/holding my breathe'.  I went in to my appt today wanting to change our focus.  Physical and emotionally I've been all over the place.  The focus was good.  I am glad I was able to speak up and tell H* what I wanted the focus to be.  I have struggled a bit with this aspect and am grateful I was able to not get lost in the world of depression.  Speaking to my husband about how it went was good.  He didn't fully understand.  However, he tried and that is what I needed.

I have a therapy appt in the morning.  And hopefully,  I will be in a space where I am able to find the focus that *I* I did today.

Last but not least...there are some significant dietary changes on the horizon.  I had an allergic reaction on Friday night when my husband and I were out on our "date" night.  And then again on Saturday.   At one point I was a tad concerned an EMS call was in store.  I recovered quickly but it took a huge physical toll on my body for the remainder of the day.

Day 1 was not really a struggle.  My fear is it is easy for me not to all.  Because of my WLS ...I rarely am hungry.  Hoping I can not become the raving lunatic and mean person...that I was the last time I did this elimination diet.

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GB's Mom said...

You are not alone. Sending all my energy your way for your appointment tomorrow.