Thursday, July 19, 2012

I have a surgery date.


We had plans of using my 3 days of paid time off for funeral leave and 2 vacation days ...and...were going to escape.  Our plans to drive the NY...possible changed.   It is ALL up in the air.

I think we just need to do it.  Leave earlier than planned.  Cancel therapy appts,  reschedule dermatology evaluation, and worry about every single ounce of everything...later.

It would mean we cut it short a day in order for me to see my therapist before leaving.   I'm thinking the ability to see 2 of my sweet Soul Sisters is worth leaving a day early.  I understand my dh's thoughts and concerns.   Hello ...I'm living it.  I get it.

We need to sit down and evaluate our budget.  Can we for sure justify going?  Did we ggo somewhere closer.

In 2 weeks I'm hopung to be in my way to recovery!

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