Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~Weekend Highs and Lows~

Over the last few weeks (and months to be honest)....I have needed pick me up.

 In August my family and I traveled to the Windy City to meet up with a sweet soul sister and her family.  Then 2 weeks later my children and I traveled to her home town on Labor Day weekend of loving on each other.  On my way back to my home state (6 hour drive) she sends me a txt that her dh had something he wanted to come see this weekend in our hometown area.  
Early last she came down with pneumonia.  Then her littles got sick.  My brother in law let us borrow his pop-up camper.  And so on Friday afternoon they left for what ended up being a few hours longer.

The weekend started off with a great big bang.   *insert a LARGE sarcastic tone* 
Half-way to our home their oldest child started vomitting.  After a 6 hour trip ended up being much longer they arrived at our home.  Hugging her sweet neck was what my heart needed.  Little did we know what the next 24 hours would have in store for her family. 
We headed to the Capitol to the infamous Farmer's Market. We had a coworker/friend of mine join us at the Capitol and for lunch.  Her husband went off on his own to explore and take in what the City had to offer in the bustling downtown area.  We left my husband home w/her 2 littles, my 2 children and my nephew.  Then one of my other nephews came over and a few neighbor girls to visit my daughter.  After we ate lunch it became obvious that her son was not getting better and needed to seek medical treatment.  If anything, I was thinking he had got dehydrated and needed some fluids. I truly thought in my heart when we arrived at the Satellite ER in a suburb of the City....that he would receive fluids and we would be on our way back to my home. 

Unfortunately, that was not the card that was dealt.  I picked her husband up in town. And then we returned to my home to pick up a few neccesities for her dh while he accompianied their very ill son, who was taken by ambulance,  to the City where he was admitted in a larger hospital.  (The hospital he was orginally at was only a ER...this is a new concept in our area and I actually love it. It was our 2nd time going there. They so wonderful.  D* received exceptional care.)

She returned to her hometown late Sunday evening.  Leaving her husband and son here.  Orginally, it was thought that her son would spend more than just a few days in the hospital.  She tied up some loose ends at home and work.  Then turned around and made the trip back North to be w/her husband and son.  And of course...me. 

By the time she arrived last night her son had made a complete turn around and was ready to be released from the hospital.  Prayers were answered. 

They are getting a good night sleep (I hope...it is still early here) and will return home sometime today.

It has been such a blessing to be w/their family during this trying time. I can't even begin to imagine how incredible stressful it has been. I can imagine....and I know I wouldn't have kept myself together as well as she has.

I will get to see her a lil bit longer this morning. I've fought a cold for several days. Nothing to significant and nothing that a little tylonal couldn't help.   As the day progressed yesterday and into the night my chest became heavier and heavier.  I called in sick for work today.  Orginally, I had thought maybe I would book off for my morning routes and then go back this afternoon/evening.  My head hurts to much and quite frankly the stress and bs that is surround my job is making me batshit crazy.

I will get another hug and a few laughs in before she leaves!!


will be thinking about when we will be getting back together to love on each other!!

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