Monday, October 31, 2011


As much as I hate taking medication....believe it or not often I am optimistic it will be helpful.

Last month when my doctor mentioned a new medication she has had great success with in another patient who had gastric bypass ...I was optimistic.   Somewhat disappointed she wanted to wait and wanted to switch welbtrin to non extended release and increase the dose.  Then she would consider the sublingual medication if that didn't go well.  I've blogger about how that went.

So last week when she decided to switch to the other medication I was optimistic.  I knew going into this there were odd and not so good side effects.  However, there comes a point where those side effects end up being outweighing the negative effect of not having the proper medication.   As air mentioned before I did not look up the side effects past the 'most common'.  I wanted to give this everything I had in me to give it a try.  As I've blogger before over the last few hasn't been real good.  I knew immediately that a few of the things I was experiencing were directly related to this new medication.

I missed work again yesterday.   There is no way possible I could have worked.

I am doing a little better today.  Today is my Saturday.  I seen my chiropractor again this morning.  The 3rd time since Friday.  He asked if I was taking a new medication.  Before telling him what and yes I was I asked him why.  My dh was with me to witness and hear his answer.  It shocked me that he could tell.  He has intsructed me not to take it until I speak and/or see my psychiatrist.   And then if she feels it is unrelated he wants me to be seen by my PCP.  He confirmed the extreme side pain from my ribs to my stomach to my low back are very weak and stiff muscles.   Muscles that don't have a reason to be that stiff and sore unless there is and underlying issue.

He also instructed me to get a massage asap.  I have one scheduled early tmw am.

I'm very discouraged today.  Trying very hard to not let depression sink back in.  Its not working so well.  I spent the day mostly in bed.   I went to bed VERY early.  Nearly 13 hours later my dh woke me.  I'm struggling to get myself to an appt I have this evening.

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