Friday, October 7, 2011


I don't remember writing last nights post.

I asked my husband if he wrote it.

He said "I don't read or even know how to log into your blog(s).  Why would I write a blog post about your medication issues".

He then said "How do you know if you wrote a blog post if you don't remember doing it?"
My response:  "I get google reader notifications bc I like to make sure I 'read' what I write - albiet choppy and crappy and full of gramatical errors".

My response continued on...."and for times when I actually am so incredible tired from not sleeping worth crap for several days and then having to set my alarm for 3am = 2 days in a row."
He then said:  "Oh...yeah so no...I did not write a blog post for you.  And did you call your pdocs office, yet?"

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