Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rinse and Repeat

This will be my montra for today.

Surgery consult today went well. I was terrified seeing someone new.  She was awesome!!  I wanted to kiss her.  I thought maybe that wasnt very appropriate.   I guess I was worried she would jump the gun and do surgery.  She wants ANOTHER DAMN MAMMOGRAM!  I'm not impressed with that.  Whatever.

After sitting in my psychiatrist office for over 45 minuted PAST my scheduled appt.....I left with new med samples and discontinue the one I was on.  Unfortunately,  I was extremely pissed that she was 45 minutes late and so instead of blowing off the steam ...i kindly told her I was pissed and very bitchy.  And was really unable to say much other than that.

My head hurts.  A LOT!! As in i have a migraine and can't seem to hold back the tears.  I want to just hit it up against the wall.  But I'm working....not a good idea.

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