Thursday, October 6, 2011


I hate them!

A few weeks ago, my pdoc changed my meds from extended release to regular release.  We discussed that I was most likely not absorbing any of my medication.  (I have significant malabsorption isssues).

Initially, the quanity per day/dose was to much.  I have played around with the amount I have taken each day for the last few weeks.  If I stay at 2 p/day I tend to do okay.

However, as soon as I increase back to 3 pills a day....not so good.  It is really a tough call between "are you really doing better?  are you doing SO MUCH better that yo uare not realizing that this is what life should be like?  Or could the dose be to high/to much at once?"

These are all things I've ran back and forth in my lil head. I discussed it a lil bit with J* on Tuesday when I saw her. I've not discussed it with my pdoc yet.  It is now late Thursday evening, I have to work on Friday and at the rate I'm going I am afraid that if I leave my*t might hit the fan.

As I mentioned, I've been staying right around 2 pills per day.  This week I thought I would try to increase it to the regular dose.  Instead of taking 3 full pills p/day I tried 2.5.  I've taken 2.5 pills every day this week.  Yesterday, I was agitated.  But who wouldn't be agitated when they have to get up at 3am and go to work?  I had to do the same thing today.  And even though I'm extremely tired...aka: fell into a deep sleep during my 90 minute massage today and cann barely keep my eyes open now...if I go to bed I will just lay there. 

J* wondered if the dose is to high/to fast and if I wasn't a tad ont he hypo-manic side.  Even though I'm not really bothered by the effects I'm having from the medication, those around me are.  I tend to get upset and mad easisly; often blowing off steam.  

Today in the realm of things was a bad day.  Day 4 of taking 2.5 pills is to much.  I saw my PCP today and mentioned to her the 'difference'.  She suggested sticking with 1 or 2 tablets andmaking sure I get in touch w/my pdoc.  UGH!

....I will have to finsih this post some other time.  I keep falling asleep.  And since sleep has come very infrequently lately...I will take it when I can get it.

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