Monday, October 31, 2011

Thankfulness Project Monday

Tonight I am trying to see the positive even though it is extremely difficult.  This list will be rather short and a repeat from a previous post.  However, the reality is all the same!!

*I'm thankful for friends who get me.  Who continue to be loving and supportive when I can't even be loving or supportive.  Who talk me down off the ledge.  And if you read this blog for any length of will know that the last several months AND the last few weeks....I've needed to be talked down off that ledge more than once.  And the last few days....well we won't even go there.  So 100x's over....I'm more than thankful for those friends who get me!!  I would be even more thankful if she moved to WI. ;-)

*For the ability to participate in a DBT group.  Even though, each week I leave and say I"m not going back.  Tonight, I left in tears.  Radical acceptance is going to be extremely hard....maybe in a few weeks or months or years......I can put this part of the DBT group in my Thankfulness Project Monday posts. 

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