Saturday, October 29, 2011


I tell myself..."this too shall pass..."   And with every day I believe it less and less.  It will I know that. I really do.  However, at that moment in time (or right now) it is rather hard to believe....this too shall pass.

I seen my chiro yesterday morning before another appt that I had.  My shoulder and ribs have been bothering me (nothing unusual to be honest) more and more.  He agreed that taking it easy yesterday wouldn't be a bad idea.  He also told me he didn't believe I should work the weekend.  I decided taking last night off would be the lessor of two evils when it came to working and loosing hours.  So I called in sick last night.  Hoping and believing that I could work tonight and Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday are my days off this week.  I ended up calling in sick today. It's a good thing to be honest.

Day 3 of taking this lovely med didn't go as bad as the first night.  However, my body and mind already knew what to expect.  I didn't vomit as much last night as the two previous nights.  But enough to be frustrating all the same.

I've had an upset stomach.  Today it is much worse.  Sour, muted, stinky breathe and gassy stomach.   I stink.  Everything about me stinks. I can't shower enough. I can't brush my teeth enough.  I crave ICE COLD drinks and ICE!!!  I can't get enough the more I drink.  The more I want.  The more ice I chew the more I want.  I've made several home-made icee's.  It isn't enough.  I can't get this taste out of my mouth.  My tongue - oh' dear lord my feels as though I've burnt it over and over and over again. 

Sleeping is an issue.  Yet, it always is an issue.  It's different though.  And I'm not sure if it is med related or not. 

I've read a little bit about the side effects.  I'm trying hard not read anything online about side effects.  I believe very strongly that every single med has a side effect that will be an issue and cause you to not want to take it if you truly don't want to take a medication.  I dislike taking ANY and ALL medications...even pain pills such as tylonal.  So I've read only the basics.

I'm in a little better space than I was the last couple of posts.  I'm thankful for beautiful friends, even though they are 5 hours away, who listen w/o passing judgement.  Who make me laugh, when I really don't think I could laugh at all.  Who get it w/o trying to fix me (giving me ideas and such is not FIXING.....just so you know. hehehehe)  You know who you are and thank you so incredible much.

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