Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sometimes the best therapy a soul needs is spending time with one of your best friends.  Even if it entails dragging your 4 children along, sans husbands and the 5th child.
No expectations from either one of us.
Just being able to be.
Laugh at each others quirkiness.
Being able to tell each others childen to shut up with no fear the friend will be offended.  ((I so need to work on patience and not say shut up 6594 times))
Having your 2 littles play with no bickering...quietly and be appropriate.
Laugh (or puke) till you want to pass out.
Having your friend take your son so you can go to a fancy dinner with your husband for his conference he was attending.
It is moments like these that I hope to hold onto. To remember during the dark and dreary times.  That others get 'me' and likewise.
To Annon whom I know reads both my blog and my friends...we are onto where you are from.  Our children are happy, attached, and doing well. Despite your know it all attitude...
So help me God if you feel the need to tell either one of us we should have never had children or adopted again...I will pay for the upgraded ISP tracking service and not only know with in a mile of where you are but your actual address!!  I have no patience for bullshit like yours.  It is people like you who give mental illness of all kinds a bad name! 

Update: Obviously, someone was a tad paranoid.  Still didn't hide your info.  Just told me that you attempted to hide your info.

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GB's Mom said...

Enjoy your time. Do not let a troll ruin it. I wish I could be there.