Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Portrait taken during Senior Portrait Session at the local Botancial Garden

Somedays all you can do is keep it simple ...
.... today would be one of those days.

I'm not a Hallmark fan. I dont' get overly excited about flowers or crap like that.  My son has developed a rather significant/severe allergy to mold that is found commonly in household plants/fruit.  We are making an special effort to NOT have any sort of houseplant or flowers in our home.  We do have a cactus that will be finding a new home soon.  Therefore, there is no special "flowers"...they die anyway.  I mentioned....I'm not a big fan of the holiday. 

A simple..."I Love You" and making a point to spend quality time together is all I ask.  I did not buy a card. I did not buy my husband a gift.  He actually bought his own gift. I called him while he was at Ace Hardware last night and said "uh...pick up that tool box you wanted...."  That is how we roll!


My kids often count "how many sleeps" to something they are excited or happy about doing.  After tonight....I have 2 more sleeps.  Then I get so see my dear sweeet friend S* and her family.  I don't care about seeing her family. (No offense S* meant).  I just am so blessed and excited to hear her voice...in person.  Her smile.  Her laugh.  Her awesome hugs.  Simple things!  That mean the world to me.

I've lost track (or I've tried to not think about it bc I'm excited and nervous and well.....I will leave it at that) but after these few 'sleeps'...it will be less than 12-13 sleeps and I will get to hug, kiss, love on her...and vise versa again....with a few other of my dear sweet trauma momma friends.  I need this time to refuel my cup...and so does everyone of the 89 other woman who will join us...and the 7 other woman that I will share a house with for 3 days.

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