Thursday, February 16, 2012

No Title Today

Can I ask for some prayers or good vibes or whtvr sent my way.

Trying to process a emotionally, non judgemental manner.  It's not going so smashingly well.

A topic in therapy has been *doing* something with my anger...that is healthy emotionally and physically safe.

I have adamantly been against the ideas J* has offered.  They have not *seemed safe or productive* in my beliefs.  More so, somewhat trigger filled. 

I've been home alone a lot this week. Had the opportunity and decided to have a little faith that these suggestions would be helpful.

Not so much!!!

Holy Batman hell!!

I am going on very little sleep.  Insomnia and my job not so good mixed together.  Im struggling to find a ance and not slide backwards.  That light that flickered on..damn it's off.

I am tired of faking it till I make it.  Im not faking so well today.

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