Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Band Marches On

Up and down and all over the map. 

The band marches on. 
The battle continues to rage.

Somedays going threw the motions is all you can do. 

Today would be one of those days. 

My blood pressure is never high.  Ever.  I'm overweight.  I've weighed more than I do now and still my blood pressure was on the low end.

I've been seen by Ortho 2 times this week.
My blood pressure was high for me. 

I thought it was because of anxiety and the nature of the appointment.  When I spoke to the PA and then my mom this evening they both said the same thing.  "** this number is an indication to us of pain."  Anxiety does/can play a role in it.  However,  given the amount of pain I was in it makes sense.

I got a cortisone injection. 
I got the PA to hear me and now I wait and see if work comp will re-open my case w/o hassles.

I'm not hopeful.  The initial dr. I saw earlier in the week told me that this company are "known for being assholes".  His words not mine.

And so...I willl continue to sit and wait.  There is a blessing in disguise...I had this afternoon and tmw off due to the injection.  I will take the much needed break for now.

There has been a shift so-to-speak in the downward spiral of depression that continues to loom.  Even though it is still there...there are moments of relief.  For right now I am trying to take those moments for what they are worth.

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