Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There is a heaviness in my heart tonight as I lay my head on my pillow.  My baby still continues to battle a health issue.  His arms, chest, and waist are covered on solid masses.  Miserable is an under statement.   My heart hurts for him.

I am trying hard to not freek out about flying out of the large airport vs smaller one that I am used to.  The 3 hour one way drive and tolls prevent my dh  from agreeing to take me.  I don't blame him.

My work schedule amd hours will virtually stay the same for the next 3 months.  Same days off.  It was weighing heavy on my mind if I should take a schedule that worked 6pm-230am.  It had more pros than cons.  When the day started my prayer was simple..
"Lord,  if it is meant to be...let it be.  Whatever it is that should be my schedule let that stick out and hit me so I know it."  When it was my time base on seniority to pick my shift...the original one I thought I wanted was available, none of thd others were and it was obvious...other than different people and such on Saturday it is the same.  My Saturday piece will be so much easier.  I am relieved.

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