Thursday, October 4, 2012

Working on it....

In the last 24 hours I've read 3 separate blog posts titled "Who Am I...Who ARE You...I AM...." type of blog posts.

I'm not doing so well with 'following' in these 3 bloggers footsteps. To be honest, when I read the first blog post yesterday...I didn't really read it.  Instead, I glanced over it. And then this afternoon....there it was.  Two more bloggers wrote the same blog post.  And it brought me to my knees. Well, not really because I was sitting in my car...60 minutes early to a therapy appointment with J*.

And so...I sat there.

Alone.  Trying to make sense of what I had read. Trying to open up the space mentally for myself to think about doing this very thing.  And thinking how therapeutic it would be. I sat there and was able to think about all the 'reasons I SHOULD write this blog post'.  

And so...I tried. I turned on 'blogger' on my phone.

Five minutes past.
Nothing. Nodadayum thing. Nothing.

My brain/thought process went into shut down mode.

It stayed there.

It has continued to stay there.

At some point, I might be attempt to do this.  Not now. And probably not tmw.

Until then head on over to these 3 blogs and read their "Who AM I...." posts.  Tell them I sent you.  Or don't tell them at all. I could really care less.  But read their posts.

My Daily Jenn-ism:  Who Are You?
Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here:  I AM______??
The Plucky Procrastinator:  I Am___? Who Are You?

And then...

....when you write "Who YOU Are..." Let me know.

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