Saturday, October 20, 2012

Me and Me Only

This morning started dreary.  Add in the dread of attending a mutual gathering...that my SIL would be attending.   At 10am I was still laying in bed, covers up, tv on and no intention on getting up.  Until the last minute.

My mom called.  Told me I was really just adding more stress by going to the mutual gathering.  I should join her and my aunts and go to another aunts house for a P.hampered Chef party.

I mulled over it.
I talked to my dh.  Who is aware of the state of mind that I am in.  And he said.."Get Up.  GO TO YOUR AUNTS ..."and few other things.

And so I did.

I called another Aunt and my mom.  And we met for lunch.

Taking care of me.  Putting my needs first.  Not doing well still.  But...I am trying!

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Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here said...

Blogspot needs a like button. I like this. Good for you for getting up and DOING! ;)