Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Am..Who ARE you?

**-Please see previous posts on the others who did this challenge.  I'm doing it on my phone.  And copying the links are tough using my phone.

I actually wrote it a few days the midst of a meltdown from anxiety and PTSD.

The goal here if you would like to follow and do this challenge is....

For FIVE MINUTES type "I Am ___" statements.   Do not edit.  Do not go back and change your post.  Leave it as is. 

Here is what I wrote over the has taken me a few days to post it.


I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.   Who loves me beyond my comprehension.

I am married to my best friend. Who beyond a shadow of a doubt would go to the end of the earth for me.

I am blessed beyond compare to have the group of Trauma Moms in my life that I do.  Because of blogging, our intention on adopting again....this community of mothers came into my life.

I am beyond blessed that with this group of mommas my BFF emerged.  I am thankful I decided to give the 2nd year a try and go back to Orlando.  That GB's Mom made certain I take my experiences.from the 1st year and grow/learn from them.   In doing so it opened up am entire new perspective for me.

I am more than just a mom...I am blessed to have these 2 special spirits know my life.  Who on the dark days give me reason to GET UP AGAIN AND AGAIN.

I am more than what depression tells me I am.
I am more than the lies it speaks to me.
I am going to/am kicking the living shit out of its a$$.

I am worthy of my children and husbands love. 
I am more than what the lies I tell myself.

I AM..


My Daily Jenn-ism said...

I love who you are :)

Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here said...

hugs my dear... we are so much more than those lies tell us! <3