Monday, October 29, 2012

Thankful Project Monday

This post is my attempt to keep a MONDAY tradition going.  On my 'other' blogs in the past I've participated in a "Thankful Thursday".  I like to do it on Monday!  
Here is why:
So often Monday is a suck-tastic day.  It isn't a day that any of us look forward to.  The weekend can be lovely and the beginning of the work week can be ever-so-very-hard. is my on-going attempt to remember the "little things and sometimes the BIG things in life that I am THANKFUL for".

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**Thankful for the sleep I was able to get on Saturday night into Sunday morning.  Sleep hasn't come very easy after my shoulder surgery in August.  And the last few days it has increasingly gotten a bit worse because I've had quite a bit of pain this week.  Sunday morning I slept in.  I was awake early.  And I still slept in.  I was able to roll over and fall back asleep...over and and over.  I vaguely heard my phone beep with a private message on FB from my mom to call her.  That was at 9am.  I rolled over and called her.  We cemented plans for my family to go visit her today. My children had a wonderful time with my mom today.  And I'm so thankful they are able to have that relationship.  My daughter-13 is holding a "sock for smiles" sock drive.  My mom has passed the word around her agency.  So my daughter was making thank you cards in the Scrapbooking/Card room (aka: my old bedroom).  My son laid on the floor w/the tablet and watched football with my dad.

**Thankful for an awesome chiropractor who knows me well.  Who has been very helpful working with me in being able to break up the adhesions in my shoulder.  The treatment for frozen shoulder is horrific.  The week has been long.  I'm thankful for the small gains that I've been able to gain in the last week.  Over the weekend my pain was much less.  Which is a direct result of not working.  Today it has kicked in a bit more as I came back to work this morning.

Gonna keep this weeks post a tad short.  Typing is hard to do.  Using my phone is even harder.


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GB's Mom said...

I am thankful for friends who love me, a son who is stable, being in Michigan for Sandy, and I grandson who only wanted me here for his birthday... he still hasn't asked for a gift!