Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Ramblings

•It has been almost a week since I took cymbalta.  The intense and non stop self harm/suicidal shit stopped almost immediate ...within abt 3 days.

•The negative self-talk starter almost immediately after the self harm crap stopped.

•I have has several days...OK..who am I kidding...EVERYDAY I've had a migraine of some sort.

•The deep tissue treatments for my shoulder have made the trauma crap much harder to "stuff" deep down.   It is like the lid to an over full garbage can....unable to contain it.  When it bursts it isn't pretty.

•After a relatively nice day at my mom and dads house...the lid burst and spilled some nasty/vile contents.  I knew it was festering.   I have spent days attempting to keep it on.

And...with that I say....maybe I should have stayed on the meds!

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