Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thankfullness Project Monday

Breaking the blogging break...for the Thankfulness Project Monday Post.  It has been a few weeks since I've posted this. I need to try very hard to do this each week and not let myself get so deep into depression cycle that I don't do it.

  • Medical Care
    I'm not always very thankful for the my medical team.  I am very blessed to have a wonderful PCP, PCP-PA (who is just an absolute doll), Psychiatrist and Therapist.  Each of these 4 ladies is beautiful in their own way.  Frustrations aside...I love each of them for various different reasons. 

  • InsuranceI am very blessed to have a very good insurance policy.  My employer offers this plan to me at no cost.  I will begin paying a small portion ofmy insurnace costs starting next year.  I'm okay with this.  I have wonderful insurance and I've had to turn down employment in the past because the insurance did not have a very good mental health policy. I'm blessed beyond measure to have this benefit at my employment.  It comes at a very high price at times since my choice of career at this moment tends to be very triggersome.

  • Massage TherapistWhat a blessing Heather has been in my life. I've been very blessed to have the ability to get frequent massages.  it seems that every single time I think/say "I'm going to spread these out"...something happens.  Somewhere along the line - my shoulder acts up, my head attempts to exploding (like this week) or something and I end up back at square one.  Heather is very good at what she does.  She is very passionate at what she does.  Because of this she has a very unique ability that I've not been able to find in any other massage therapist. 

  • Summer Sweet Corn and Chocolate Marshmellow IcecreamCrazy I know.  But for is all good in the dinner department.  Oh' what a lovely and easy dinner we had. I hate to cook. I hate it.  I rarely ever cook.  This evening our dinner included:  Cresc. rolls with peperoni and canadian bacon - rolled up with a 1/2 string cheese, GRILLED sweetcorn. We googled grilled sweetcorn and came up with 3 different ways to grill.  The best way would be that of "wrapping it in butter, salt/pepper, and foil."  and of course our dessert was icecream!

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