Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 3...

Of having a horrendous headache/migraine.   Started with neck and shoulder pain on Thursday.  Turned headache.

Friday night I slept horrible.  Nightmare city.  Panic city.  Woke up with a killer headache. 

Chiropractor appt helped.  Then it started back in yesterday afternoon.  And all night.  Stressed and feeling like a complete failure for having to call in sick again for the 2nd day in a row if this didn't go away by morning I went to bed in tears.  Fighting the downward spiral that would make this headache worse.

I cancelled a photoshoot for today before going to bed.   Took more tylonal than my body should have had and off to sleep.  And i slept!!  Big deep sleep. 

When my alarm went off at 5am for work i swear it was as if it jumped on my face it hurt so much.

Showered and then crawled back in bed after realizing there was no dang way I could work with this horrendous migraine.

Called chiropractor and he said come back.  So i just did.  He said my neck and shoulders was way worse than yesterday.  He gave me a work note and encouraged me to get a massage.  Which air am.  AGAIN...but not with Heather.  I should have called her.  I feel guilty bc its the weekend.  So I called Massage E.nvy.  oi!  Praying for some relief.  My chiropractor ...hes a gem.  He knows me and knows me well.   He mentioned that he is certain the 'muscle tightness is in relation to my emotional state of mind.  I said to him ive not said anything to you and haven't seen you in 2 weekend. He said he knows me and knows me well.   I laughed. 

This has been a long spurt.  I'm ready for a break.  Even fof a few days.  I will take anything.  I got a lil chuckle when another friend told me she found some article of clothing in her attic that reminded her of me and she cried because she missed me.  Why did I chuckle....bc yesterday while I was in bed my son slammed a door in the house.  When I saw her a few weeks ago she gave me a picture frame with a lil blurp from my favorite song...F@caking Perfect by Pink.  When the door slammed it fell off my headboard and on my face.  Remember my head hurts....but at that moment I missed her. And the tears flowed.  It was my Father in Heavens way of reminding me...I'm not alone. 

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