Friday, September 21, 2012

~Up to Her Neck in Shite~

Would you go spread some love to Martha Steward Doesn't Live Here? She's up to her neck in shit right now.  Living life with a teen, an ex, twinado toddlers (whom we all know are always full of shit), and a spouse that is deployed overseas at the moments.  Who wouldn't be up to their neck in shit. Hell, I feel that way most days and I don't even have 1/2 the plate that she does.

Check her out on FB, can click right HERE and it will take you to her FB page!!

We all need a pick me up from time to time.  Hell, every damn day I need a pick me up it seems.

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Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here said...

Oh wow, I was reading stuff on my page and lurking on others and ended up here... and I was like... what?? Did she just write about me?? Holy Moly! (as the twinados say)
Seriously, thanks for that. Thanks for thinking of me. I am feeling the love and it helps a lot! So ~hugs~ to you Lil Ol' Me... Let's keep swimming, eh? :D