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Liebster Award ~ Spreading the Love

I've been around the blogging world for several years. I've read hundreds of different blogs. I have 2 other blogs that I used to write religiously on over the last several years.  One of them is the journal of our disruption and the aftermath/grief that followed.  When I decided to open this blog I didn't believe I would ever share it with anyone other than my therapist and maybe a few other people.  I never envisioned I would have any readers.  And blog awards...well hells bells they were not even in the realm of my perspective.  I wasn't doing this for other people. I wasn't really doing it for support.  I was doing it for me.  So when The Plucky Procrastinator nominated me for the Liebster Award I was more than shocked.  Thank you darling for your sweet words and nomination.  When I read her blog post on Friday afternoon it didn't hit me that she nominated me until about an hour or so later when I got a message on FB telling me she had nominated me. Of course, I had to re-read her blog post and think to myself "duh...I just read that and didn't catch it."

As with all blog awards there is a song and dance to follow.  So here is my song and dance.  Just so you know...I don't dance very well. I will try to follow perfectly..often though...I fall.  Just so you know.

How the Liebster Blog Award works:
  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.  
  3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5  blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.
    6. Jump on one foot.
    7. Type a sentence one handed.
    8. Tell the small dog named after a Country Western icon to move because your foot is asleep and you need to jump on it to follow #6.
    9. Go put on deodorant.  Just in case things get steamy.

Never in a million years did I believe or even think that blogging or reading blogs would have brought me the friendship, support, and guidance I've found. I believe many of you who've been around a while and who are 'part' of this same group know about the ETAAM Trauma Mom's.  The Plucky Procrastinator is new to blogging.  I came across her sweet blog about 1-2 posts into her venture.  I love her humor.  She's brutally honest. Been effected by suicide in a different manner than myself.  She's taken her grief, pain, experience, ect ect...and been such a sweet support. I've seen the love and understanding she's poured out to several different bloggers over the last few weeks and what a blessing she has been/is to those around her.  Thank you for nominating me for this award. You have no clue how hard it is for me to turn around and stick with 5...I might break the dance and 'go over that'.  Just sayin'.  Oh' and I almost forgot..she's got a FB page where she shares her wit, humor, love, and all around fun self with the world.  Check out her FB page HERE..and then LIKE it.  And tell her that "I" sent you (don't use my first name please...I do have a rule about using my first all knew that, right?

Okay...on to my nominations.  This is hard for me.  REALLY HARD.  I've tried to decide if I should mix this up between adoption and trauma or depression/trauma.  And I just can't stinking decide.  So here goes it. I'm not good at following rules, remember?

My Group Therapy - a few months ago I came across her FB page and fell in love w/her instantly.  Her blog is a little quieter than some (aka: mine).  However, it is just as good.  I love her ability to stand up to her mom and set the boundaries for her and her family.  As hard as it is....she's doing it little by little. Keep your chin up, girlie!!

Where the Sanity Ends - This gal (I'm assuming it's a she...) is somewhat new to blogging.  She roped me in with one of her first posts and has continued.  Having been hospitalized just a few times...I believe very strongly she needs to keep her humor.  With that humor she will end up being right next to one of her patients.  As she writes in her blog header: "Psychology is much more than a pill and an "easy fix!"  Boy did she hit the nail on the head with that one.  If it was ....well I wouldn't be writing this blog.  Check out her FB page.

Razorblade Brain - hot damn this momma has got it rocking.  She's on the road to healing (or has found her place in healing I should say) and is sharing it with the world.  Raw. Heavy.  Hard to swallow.  She's putting it out there.  A-Z.  I keep wanting to ask her what the hell she is gonna do when she gets to Z.  I will defiantly miss her if she stops at Z!!  Check out her FB page HERE.

Ain't That Sherific - Oh dear Lord this lady started out as just another blog that I followed.  Not religiously.  Not anything other than click here and there.  She has another blog, too.  But it has been quiet.  I think that quiet means good...or maybe not...I hope it wasn't a specific troll.  Regardless, I love her to pieces.  She is no longer just another blog.  She's seen me neked...she's helped me get dressed...she's hugged me when I didn't think I could stand up any longer....she's loved on me when I really didn't deserve to be loved....she's been a true BFF.  It sucks giant donkey balls she has to live so freeking far away.  She doesn't listen very well...just so you know...I've told her MANY a-times she needs to relocate to my home state.  I wish she would listen to me. Life would be so much easier if she would listen.  Well, maybe not easier...but it would just be all around easier to handle some days.  I love me some Sherific Sheri.  (psss....go on over to her blog and tell her she really needs to create a FB page!!  Because I know she has all sorts of awesomeness underneath her sweet smile and awesome laugh!!

Adopting Special Needs: This lady is like a 'long distance' mom.  She really is my "mom" for a few days in March when I join 8 other trauma moms and we rent a villa....she's our mom.  She's parenting a 2nd family via adoption (first was via adoption, too...just older).  Her struggles w/one of her adopted dd's has been quite tough over the last few several months/year.  In fact, so much so that I often worry about her.  Recently she wrote a blog post mentioning hair.  Blog trolls have came out in full force. I've not read the responses. Probably best.  What i know is...when our Foster Daughter came to us a few yrs ago her hair wasn't dealt with at all.  Her adoptive mom didn't have the energy to barely shower herself let alone do her African American dd's hair.  And bc the child raged more than she didn' wasn't an option.  I get being on both sides of the coin what that hair issue is all about.  If it means that Hope's hair flings all over than so be it.  If Hope can let her mom love on her by doing her hair than awesome.  But right now getting to the end of the day is more important.  I wish it was march....then I could see her again.

Again, I want to thank The Plucky Procrastinator for nominating me.  There are many other blogs I would love to list here.  Some of them are on my side bar --- go check them out.

As for the typing one handed...well most of the last 7 weeks after my shoulder surgery..that is what I've been doing.

As for hopping on one foot...ah' no. I need my feet. I can't afford to fall over and hurt my good shoulder. Good try.

As for being all stinky and needing deodorant....yep I've not showered or gotten dressed today and it is 5pm. I am headed to the shower when I'm done with this post.

Have a great evening!

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